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The goal for weight management is to improve your health. To maintain good health is a lifelong goal. So is keeping an optimal weight. The two-week-long course is only a tool, along with your personal and your classmates’ experience, to prove that you can “breath yourself thin” . Bigu Qigong can benefit you as long as you live, if you use it. You will be totally independent in your weight management, as was discussed in the Wichita Eagle interview “Qigong Takes, Keeps Her Extra Weight Off.”

Key concepts covered include:

  • Bigu Qigong concept
  • Frog Qigong for appetite control
  • Lotus sitting for energy
  • The key elements for success

In this two-week course, you will practice concentrating on the exercise and not letting your mind wander. You will learn how to do it correctly. You will start the consistent practice you need to be the most successful. You will attend class for an hour every day, including weekends, for the two-week period. Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing. Go with an open mind and health as your goal, of which losing weight is a part.

Bigu Qigong mainly focus on weight management. It is easy to learn, has quick-to-see results, and promotes overall health improvement.

The easiest way to learn Bigu Qigong is online with our classes, available now, where over the course of two weeks you will learn Bigu Qigong directly with an expert Bigu Qigong instructor, any time of day that fits your schedule. The two-week class will give you a tool to help you achieve your optimal weight. You can use what you learn for the rest of your life!